Thursday, April 21, 2011



huaaaaaa,,,seriously i'm regret uolsss!,,i hate playboyss,,hey puhleaseee stop it yours game!,,hmmm,,so easy for me to belive someone,,and pleased to forgive ! :( im so weakk,,oke my friend are always stories about him,,and advised me to get away from him! but i can not BELIEVE and still HOPING for, :( tsktsk,,tapiiiiiiii bila benda to da jadi depan mata,,baru lah aq nk menyesal and mcm org bodo jee,,oh god! help me!! da nk msok 1 year kot,,why i'm still can't forget da man! :( sampai bile sehh aq nk mcm ney,,mcm org BODOH..setiap mase aq pk dan pk .....
and bile da jd mcm ney,,yeah i admit! i'm da looserr,,always crying :'(  i don't want be like dis,,i want happy! smile and smile ..can someone help me!?show me the right way !

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