Friday, February 18, 2011


when you gonna stop breaking my heart,!
i don't  wanna be another one

please don't ask me why..,,
juz kiss me this time,,
My only dream is about 
YOU and I 

I hate to see you cry..
your smile is a beautiful lie .!

Saturday, February 12, 2011



wowww!have fun at larian perdana mahkota:)rmai gylee org,,mcm2 skola aq jumpe,n bole cuci mate,,hehe,,at first,aq ,amoi,aten,aina,yad,fatin,ain,hanis and all one group maen kejar2,,haha,,bile da petengahan je aq n aten bepecah dgn dorg,,coz kite org semangat sgt nk lari,,kite org da kedepan dorg still dkt blakang,.hahah..
and yg pling penting to,,da last2,,bole lak jmpe mamat ney..awww handsome sgt,,hehe,,engt kn aq sorg je prasan aten pon same!!hehe,,,:)))humm,,thenn lpas abes larian kteorg nk g mkn dkt tepian rmai lak,,thenn jln la kaki g ss,,punye la jaoh kan!,,tpi sekerat jln je,,thenn,ade aunty to baek gylee,,tumpang kn kite org,,:))))huh,,may allah bless u always aunty :))huh!,,really2 a great day yesterday,,,love all my friends <3 :))

Monday, February 7, 2011

 my lovely mom <3
 BBQ :)
eric :))adeq yg nakal :)

yeah! have a great holiday wif my family and cousin at punggai beach resort :)))
love all of youuu <3