Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i'm sadddd :((

lol,,2day i'm really feel so sad ,,i want  crying :'(,,huaaaa,,idk what happen to me,,imma losserr!!
2day da whole day not in the mood, :( ..when i'm upset ,my friends always beside me,,thnx guyssss :) loyou so muchhh,,,even rase mcm nk nangis pon.,still ade org yg bole bwat aq tersenyum,,hihih,,thnx aina,,gve me a surprise,,awwww,,,sukeee sgttt...awk tawu2 je kite tga badmood, sdih,,only u know rite dear,,why i'm sad :( ,oh god pleaseee gve me a strength..i dun want be a losserr,,and cry like a stupid person..i had friends,family dats always make me happy ,smile and laugh,,so i should stop thinking about him,and may b stay away from him.== . a best way for me and him,rite??,!lol  now concentrate on SPM! awww,,so scared ==' 8 month lgi weyy nk spm,,grrrr~~~~

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