Saturday, March 19, 2011

done my assigment! :)

yeah!,,lastly siap gak my toolbook,,,thnx so muchh to katini..dye tlg smpai toolbook to siap..
huh! bnyk gylee dugaan bwat assignment  to anngaran pkol 2.30 da siap tpiiiii..,,smlm,dgn ta save nye assignment to,,tibe2 stuck.,then kene la off pc too,,,on blik pc,,assigment to hilggg,,so sadd guysss,,i need to do da assignment from 1st page :(.. huaaa :'( ..smpi nk mkn pon ta selera..hmmm..lastly pkol 6 jgak siap,,sgtt lameee,,,bwat toolbook ney,.mmg kene bnyk besabarrrr,,,,dgn aq punye besabar laaa,,assigment to siap jgak:) assigment about justin bieber..choy sgttt kan!,,coz idk nk bwat psal spe..dats y i choose JB...hihi,,wateve!,,as long as my assignment done!!!...

handsomeee kn ?hhihi...dats y la bwat psal dye,,even smlm tension bwat assignment to,,tpi bile tgk muke dye tros ta tension..hehehe...choyyyy laaa...:))))huahauahauau ~~~~

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